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Knowing the difference between what others are calling certification is the beginning of your professional status.  Certificates are awarded by schools, instructors, and other training facilities including machine manufacturers.  Certificate of Completions are Certificates and show your achievement of successfully completing a course, training, or program. 

CERTIFICATION is awarded to a professional in the industry by a 3rd party, non-biased company that is made up of boards, committees, or association of professionals.   The committees provide guidelines and ethics for the certified professional to follow for safe practice to the public.  The public looks for Certified Professionals for safety and trust.  Employers look for Certified Professionals to perform safe procedures and trust the strict guidelines and ethics in the Association.   


  • Adds Instant Credibility and sets the bar for professionals which take you to another level in your career. 
  • Increases Job Opportunities, opens the doors to new opportunities. Show’s credibility to your business.
  • Requirement in several states to practice, requirement in several states to apply for your license to practice.  
  • Globally recognized.

Micropigmentation Certification Guidelines

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Certified Professionals

AZ – Diane Robinson (CPICP)
AZ – Kathleen Porter (CMIC)
AZ – Jacki Berry-Fisher
AZ – Malia Carrasco
AZ – Kelly Karpeles (CBIC)
AZ – Kerry Knox  (CBIC)
AZ – Mystic Matta
AZ – Rosa Rosales
AZ – Ta’ah Connor
AZ – Deborah Andrade
AZ – Tierra Bryant
AZ – Alicia Hutchinson
AZ – Nadine McCoy
AZ – Vanessa Williams
AZ – Jennifer Lerette
AZ – La Tonya Gibson
AZ – Marthina Plummer
AZ – Moira Caswell
AZ – Celesste Bracamonte
AZ – Tara Cote
AZ – Javene Valenzuela
AZ – Reyna Soto
AZ – Melanie Tyrrell
AZ – Alyssa Fisher
AZ – Felicia Lewis
AZ – Karisa Pulaski
AZ – Reyna Soto
AZ – Kailani Evans
AZ – Michaela Ripley
AZ – Sholly Cook
AZ – Tara Cote
AZ – Shitice Graves 
AZ – Ghisoon Aljahabi
AZ – Layla Fahrbach
AZ – Heather Blasko
AZ – Nouvriet Boutros
AZ – Zenaida Duenas
AZ – Denise Davis
AZ – Alejandra Roman 
MO – Ahlam Salvetti
TX – Nalini Patel – PMU Practitioner


Certifications Available

  • Certified Basic of Intradermal Cosmetics (CBIC) – Entry-level practitioners who demonstrates a higher level of safe practice and over view of Intradermal Cosmetics.
  • Certified Masters of Intradermal Cosmetics (CMIC) – Master’s Certification for advanced practitioners that study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. Advanced practitioners that are able to perform all procedures in a safe and professional practice.
  • Certified Intradermal Cosmetics Instructor (CICI) – An instructor in an Industry is like a professor in a college. Instructors are able to get government approved to teach in colleges, they are the highest level of education.  Able to demonstrate, teach, and practice in all areas of the Industry.
  • Certified Microblading Intradermal Cosmetics Practitioner (CMICP) – Advanced level for practitioners that specialize in Microblading, demonstrate and has studied brows for the practice of a professional.
  • Certified Paramedical Intradermal Cosmetics Practitioner (CPICP) – Advanced level of Intradermal Cosmetics that specialize in Areolas, Scar Camouflage, and other Paramedical practices on a professional level with the highest level of safe practice and medical standards.
  • Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Professional (CSMP) – Advanced level for practitioners that specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation, demonstrate and has studied the scalp for the practice of a professional.

– Please Note: Items will be shipped upon verification of certification. –

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