About GAP

Global Association of Professionals (GAP) is broken up into committees that specialize in a variety of industries.

Facts About Us

Professional Experience

All Committee members have a minimum of 10 years of experience.

Professional Network

We work with qualified licensed schools to offer you continued education and higher education standards.

Committee Members

All committee members keep up to date with today’s education, requirements, and safe practice.

Construction Committee


Supervisor of Northwest Landscaping,  2nd generation in the construction, Licensed Arborist, Licensed with ROC, ALCA Certified, Licensed Chemical Applicator, Licensed Pest Control Technician, Licensed & Certified Red Cross Instructor, Licensed & Certified OSHA Instructor, 30+ years as Irrigation Technician.


Manager and Specialist for Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply www.ewingirrigation.com, on the board for ALCA organization, CLIA association, and various other certification associations that specialize in Irrigation and Construction.


Irrigation Technician for Northwest Landscaping, Certified Back Flow Tester and Repair, 20+ years as Irrigation Technician.


School Administrator and Agency Officer for Eii – Images Enterprises LLC,  www.eiitraining.com . – 20+ years in construction, 20+ years as Irrigation Technician, Licensed OSHA Instructor, Certified National Safety Counsel Instructor and School.

Tattoo/Micropigmentation/Permanent Makeup Committee:


Jacki Berry-Fisher is a Branded Permanent Cosmetics Instructor, Mentor. Founder and Educational Director at Images Enterprises LLC. She has a background in business and accounting, as well as Certification as an AIIC Permanent Cosmetic Instructor, Master in Permanent Cosmetics, Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, Arizona Board of Cosmetology Licensed and Medical Skin Technician. She brings over 20 years experience to the Industry and teaches around the world for other schools and doctors in the industry.


Founder and owner of KKosmetic www.kkosmetic.com, advancing into Medical Spa, Licensed Medical Aesthetician.  Specializes in Microblading and medical skin treatments.


Owner of Old Towne Tattoo for 20+ years.  Business owner of 2 top tattoo studios in Tucson, AZ. Wife of Tony Edwards award winning artist.  Brings over 30 years experience in the tattoo and scalp industry.


Founder of Botanical Beauty Blends www.awrightofbeauty.com , 30+ years in the Beauty Industry, Senior Managing Director at GSkin @ Beauty Institute, Las Vegas, NV.


Ms. Silverman works in Holistic Nursing and has studied Integrative Medicine – Professional Seminar Series at the University of Arizona. She lives in Sedona, AZ. Her professional experience includes working at Healing for Your Life and at the Hazelden/Betty Ford Foundation.


Nalini Patel of Amarillo, Texas has 28+ years in the industry. She is the Founder and owner of White Lotus Holistic Spa and Amarillo Permanent Cosmetics Institute. Instructor of Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup) including tattoo removal, corrections, paramedical, microblading.

Instructor of Cosmetology,  Microneedling, lash perm etc. and does all holistic health, dermablading, planning.

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”

– Richard Branson –

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